Luxury Spas

Luxury Spa Treatments from Sohum are specifically oriented towards enhancing your spiritual awareness, healing emotional distress and getting rid of toxins from your body. This gives your mind and body a complete chance to repair and relax from the stress of daily life.

All of our luxury spas, which are nearly 70 in number across Asia, Middle East and Africa; are designed to create the perfect sensory environment that is visually appealing and aesthetically calming.

Our spa treatments are not only refreshing but also have multiple health benefits that explain their popularity.

Sohum Spas and treatments offered therein take you to a calmer world where you can let your mind, body and soul relax completely.

You can choose between our wide range of spas and the extensive range of treatments to pick one that is completely right for you!

A Complete Experience

Shagun creates well designed experiences as an overall package that appeals to everyone. In serene, scenic locations, the various western and Indian healing and rejuvenation treatments are rendered in world class spas by therapists handpicked from around the world. Global cuisine that is deliciously fresh while remaining healthy tempts the taste buds. The overall brilliance of the wellness experience is capped by the fact that everything is taken care of for you, you just need to surrender and open up for a healthy transformation.

New levels of physical, mental and overall well being are attained as wellness exists as a grand culmination of traditional health, fitness, nutrition and spa approaches.
Gourmet Dining All options are heart healthy, rich in nutrition and feature local grown fare and organic ingredients to offer you many personalized options such as gluten free, sugar free, vegan, etc
Healing Themes Sohum's Wellness therapies enable a seamless integration of the body, mind and soul. From ancient body therapies that focus on rejuvenation and healing to specialized music therapy to calm the still the wandering mind to meditation and breathing techniques to elevate the soul, our therapies are designed holistically. Right from the first to many more sessions we help you go deeper into your won reservoir of healing energies. Having received our training on behaviour modification and healthy nutrition, our valued customers are increasingly reporting enhanced wellbeing and disease reversal. So much so, that a better and healthier way of life becomes the norm rather than an exception.
Fitness Centres State of the art facilities like gyms, swimming pools, etc. can aid you in sticking to your normal workout routines or encourage you to take up new ones! Yoga features prominently amongst fitness offerings, that also include other dexterity developing techniques such as Pilates, stretch, and kinesis classes, etc.
At the end of your time at Sohum wellness, every client is assured of renewed health, vitality and vigour with a clear picture of how to incorporate healthy living as a part of their daily lifestyle through various interactions with our world renowned wellness team comprising of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine practitioners, Holistic Doctors, Yoga Gurus, Licensed Nutritionists, Anti-Ageing Experts, Expert Managers and many others